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Virtual Staging is an inexpensive and extremely effective way to demonstrate to consumers what a vacant home would look like when furnished:

A before and after image demonstrating Virtual Staging which takes an empty room and furnishes it with digital furniture


  1. Login to the f8 system by clicking the blue Login + Register button in the upper right of this page.

  2. Once logged in, click the Manage button for the listing.
 In the Manage page, click the Order Additional Services button in the upper right.

  3. Select Virtual Staging in the Advanced panel and select the number of photos (quantity) you would like staged.
Select today’s date as the preferred and alternate appointment dates, and select any option for the Access and Garage questions. Click the Next button.

  4. Review the Order Summary and click the Next button.

  5. Review the Terms of Service and click the Agree button.

  6. Enter payment information and click the Make Payment button.

  7. You will know you are done when you see the Success message.



  1. When we deliver standard photos into your account, we will send you a Media Ready Notification. 

  2. If you ordered Virtual Staging, we will send you an email with instructions on how to complete the order.

  3. Identify the image(s) to be edited:

    • Login to the f8 system by clicking the blue Login + Register button in the upper right of this page.

    • Click the Manage button for the listing and locate the Media and Marketing section.

    • Click the Images tab.

    • Identify the image(s) to be edited and provide us with the system file name(s). 

    • f8 Tip: The system file name is formatted like this: f8-52351-66824-10.JPG. 

  4. Reply back to the email we send you with the file name(s). 

  5. For each image, please provide the room type and provide any notes that will be helpful for the Editor (e.g., Informal dining area in kitchen).


Orders placed by order by 5pm Pacific Time will be delivered into your account by 12pm Pacific Time the following day. Please note that we are not able to offer revisions once the photos are edited. Please be sure to properly disclose that the home has been virtually staged in your marketing materials. 

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