Signature Photography

Signature Photography is the service that sets f8 apart. We don't limit the number of photos we take, instead we photograph all the exteriors of the property and each of the rooms inside the home.  For condos and townhomes, we also include the common area amenities (pool, gym, signage, etc.). Unlike others who charge extra for property websites, f8 includes a Property Website with every order at no additional charge. We also give you a suite of included marketing tools that make it easy to promote your listing like a pro. Browse the Gallery below to view samples of our Signature Photography service:

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography provides your listing with the dramatic visuals that differentiate it from the competition. Aerials are especially effective when the home is in a location that is a primary selling feature of the home. You will receive 15-20 aerial photos as part of this service. If you order Flyover Video or Premier Video, you will receive five aerial photos in addition to the video as part of those services. Check out samples of our Aerial Photography service below:

Twilight Photography

Twilight Photography provides consumers with valuable information on the ambience one can expect in the evening hours. As most open houses are held during daylight hours, Twilight Photography fills in this missing information for potential buyers. Scheduled 30 minutes prior to local sunset, Twilight Photography will provide you with 15-25 exterior photos to showcase your listing at the proverbial "golden hour." See below for samples of our Twilight Photography service: