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Social Media Package

The Social Media Package includes three great services in one affordable social media bundle. First, we provide a 60 second Vertical Video that you can use to share on Instagram Reels, Facebook Stories, YouTube Shorts and TikTok. Second, we provide you with 10 Vertical Photos that you can share on all your social media accounts. Third, we provide a digital ad to boost your video on Instagram. The boost ad is designed to provide marketing exposure beyond your own social media followers.

Showcase Video

The Showcase Video is a walkthrough video that highlights the key areas of the home including the exteriors, family room, living room, kitchen, dining, primary bedroom and primary bathroom. This video is designed to grab the attention of potential buyers by delivering a dynamic video experience that leaves consumers wanting to learn more about the property. 

Flyover Video

The Flyover Video highlights the home and its surroundings by combining clips taken from the air using a drone. This service is rounded out with 5 Aerial Photos that can be displayed in a photo gallery. Gives consumers a unique perspective of the home and its surroundings while adding the dramatic touch that can only be provided by video. This service also includes 5 Aerial Photos.

Premier Video

A combination of the Flyover and Showcase Videos, the Premier Video also includes 5 Aerial Photos. When you need the ultimate video experience, the Premier Video delivers that extra mile difference for a property that really deserves the best, or when you are simply working on separating yourself from the competition.