f8 Real Estate Media provides professional videography services for every need and budget. Click on the videos in the gallery below to see examples of each type of our videography services as described below. 

Showcase VideoThe Showcase Video is the "Sizzle that Sells the Steak." We provide you with a 60-90 second video highlighting the key areas of the home. The Showcase Video is designed to grab the attention of potential buyers by delivering a dynamic full motion video experience. 

Flyover Video The Flyover Video gives consumers the "Eye in the Sky" perspective of the home. We provide you with a 60-90 second video highlighting the home and its surroundings from the air. This service also includes 5 Aerial Photos

Premier Video - Combining the Flyover Video and Showcase Video, the Premier Video is the ultimate video service provided by f8. We provide you with a 2 to 3 minute video highlighting the home's key areas from the air and on the ground.  This service also includes 5 Aerial Photos

Virtual Tour VideoThe Virtual Tour Video is an animated slideshow of photos set to music. This economical service is provided in video format so that you can upload to YouTube and share on social media as a video.


"Better Than Being There"

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