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f8 SIGNATURE PACKAGE           $175


  • Everything from Signature plus a Virtual Tour Video

  • Virtual Tour Video is an animated slideshow of photos set to music

f8 PREMIUM PACKAGE               $225

  • A $275 value, save $50 when you order the f8 Premium Package! 

  • Gorgeous photos of the entire home and included amenities plus all Included Features

  • f8 Virtual Tour Video, an animated slideshow of photos set to music 

  • f8 Premium Template, a distinctive design for your Property Website

  • Dot Com Address, a unique URL registered just for your listing

  • f8 Scribe™ the patent-pending automated property description writing service created by f8

Prices shown above are for homes up to 3,000 sq ft. For larger homes: 

Add $100 for 3,001 - 5,000 sq ft

Add $200 for 5,001+ sq ft


Complement your photography package with these add-ons or simply order them a la carte:


Photos of the home from multiple heights and angles to showcase the home and its surroundings


Exterior photos of the home highlighting the ambience one can expect in the evening and nighttime hours


Matterport Dollhouse Image.jpg

f8 MATTERPORT SERVICE            $275

  • Immersive 3D Tour in a simulated three dimensional environment that enables the viewer to navigate through the home at their own pace and convenience

  • Includes 360 Exterior Views that seamlessly connect with the interior 3D Tour

  • Includes a 3D model of the home called the "Dollhouse" view that shows the structural layout of the home

  • Includes a Floorplan of the home valued at $100 to $150 depending on the size of the home 

$275 for homes up to 3,000 sq ft

$0.10 per sq. ft. for homes 3,001+ sq ft 

f8 FLOORPLAN                                 $100

  • f8 Floorplan provides critical information for consumers including the layout of the home, the dimensions of the rooms and the fixtures found in the home.

  • Please note that a Floorplan is included with Matterport Service. 

$100 for homes up to 3,000 sq ft  

$125 for homes 3,001-5,000 sq ft

$150 for homes 5,001+ sq ft 

f8 VIRTUAL STAGING                        $25

Add digital furnishings to a vacant home to provide consumers with a better sense of how the home would look when furnished (pricing is per image)

f8 VIRTUAL TWILIGHT                       $25

We take daytime photos and digitally enhance them with Twilight effects (pricing is per image)

f8 SCRIBE™                                           $25

Scribe is f8's patent-pending automated property description service that uses the property details associated with a listing to generate a property description at the click of a button

f8 PREMIUM TEMPLATE                  $25

A distinctive Property Website design that sets your listing apart

f8 DOT COM ADDRESS                   $25

A custom URL or Dot Com Address registered for your listing at GoDaddy 




  • A Vertical Video plus 10 Vertical Photos specifically designed for you to post to social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc.

  • The service also includes a boost ad targeting consumers in a radius around your listing so you can reach new potential clients

f8 SHOWCASE VIDEO                $300

Showcase Video is a compelling walkthrough video that highlights the key areas of the home including the exteriors, family room, living room, kitchen, dining, primary bedroom and primary bathroom.

f8 FLYOVER VIDEO                     $300

Flyover Video gives consumers a unique perspective of the home and its surroundings while adding the dramatic touch that can only be provided by video; includes 5 Aerial Photos

f8 PREMIER VIDEO                      $500

Combining the Showcase Video and the Flyover Video, the Premier Video delivers that extra mile difference for a property that really deserves the best, or when you are simply separating yourself from the competition; includes 5 Aerial Photos

f8 VIRTUAL TOUR VIDEO              $25

The Virtual Tour Video is an animated slideshow of photos set to music that plays on your Property Website and can be shared on social media


f8 IMAGE EDITING                           $25

For edit requests outside standard edits

fHOSTING RENEWAL                $25  Annual hosting fee after the first year

LATE NOTICE FEE                            $75

For cancellations after 8:00pm of the night prior to the appointment

STANDARD TRAVEL FEE              $50

45 minutes to one hour (one way) 


More than one hour (one way) 

Please review our Terms of Service for complete information on our fees and policies.