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Matterport Services

f8 offers two Matterport services. f8 Matterport Pro includes an immersive 3D Tour that enables consumers to explore your listing and focus on areas of interest in a simulated three dimensional (3D) environment. The service also includes a 3D model of the home called a "dollhouse" view that helps consumers visualize the home. Finally, this service includes a Floorplan that can be viewed on your property website, sent to potential buyers or printed on a brochure.f8 Matterport Essential is a more affordable option for Matterport service that includes the immersive 3D Tour and Dollhouse view but without a separate Floorplan. Click the link below to take a sample 3D Tour:

Matterport Dollhouse Image.jpg

The Floorplan services provides critical information for consumers including the layout of the home, the dimensions of the rooms and the fixtures found in the home. Your photographer just needs a few additional moments on site to capture the home's layout. Delivered next day, the Floorplan is displayed on your Property Website in its own panel. Post it to social media, download it to send to interested buyers or include it in a brochure. This service is so affordable, you'll want to include it for all of your listings.

f8 Real Estate Media - Sample Floorplan.jpg
Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging is an inexpensive and extremely effective way to demonstrate to consumers what a vacant home would look like when furnished. Go to the Virtual Staging fulfillment page to learn more about this service. 

Virtual Staging Example.jpg
Virtual Twilight

Virtual Twilight is an inexpensive and convenient way to demonstrate to consumers what a home would look like during evening hours. We take one or more of your daytime photos and apply digital Twilight effects and lighting enhancements. Go to the Virtual Twilight fulfillment page to learn more about this service. 

Virtual Twilight Before After.jpg

Scribe is the patent-pending automated property description service created by f8. With every listing, f8 provides you with property details and information from public sources at no extra charge. Scribe combines this data from public sources with additional information you choose to supply to create a property description at the click of a button. Save precious time with Scribe!

Scribe Sample Page.jpg
Premium Template

Featuring enhanced graphical treatment throughout, the Premium Template for your Property Website provides you with a more distinctive look and feel for your listing than our included template. The Premium Template also features a “Top Five” photo gallery that sets the visual tone for your listing. We also include distinctive icons for the Property Details of your listing that are designed to capture the attention of buyers.

Premium Template Sample Image.jpg
Dot Com Address

The Dot Com Address is a custom URL for your property website that is registered at Go Daddy. This URL can be used in your marketing program to showcase the home's address and to give it a personalized home online. One of the more common uses of the Dot Com Address is to purchase a sign rider (from a sign company) with the Dot Com Address to provide a memorable URL for your listing. Doubles as a great closing gift for your seller clients. 

Premium Template
Dot Com Address
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