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  • Steve Elich

You're Not Hallucinating, Scribe™ is Superior to ChatGPT


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has undeniably ushered in transformative changes across various industries, including real estate. Among the AI applications in this field, the use of Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT to create property descriptions is all the rage. However, beneath the promise of efficiency lies a pressing concern: the issue of hallucinations in AI-generated property descriptions that can lead to the inaccurate information and even the creation of non-existent features.

In a recent interview, Anywhere's chief product officer indicated that, 'Hallucinations' are holding back AI. Should agents, brokers and clients put their faith in artificial intelligence right now? Until accuracy is improved, the answer is a resounding 'no,' Anywhere Chief Product Officer Tony Kueh told Inman News.

Am I Hallucinating?

As the image above shows, you have to "Check your facts" whenever you use tools like ChatGPT. Hallucinations in AI-generated property descriptions refer to instances where the AI fabricates details. These can range from simple inaccuracies like incorrect bed and bath count to the inclusion of false information like double pane windows instead of the standard windows that are actually installed. It can even lead to the inclusion of amenities like a basement that don't actually exist on the property.

Truth in Advertising

Such inaccuracies can mislead potential buyers, resulting in frustration and forcing you to explain why the property doesn't match the description. Real estate marketing, like all forms of advertising, must adhere to Truth in Advertising laws enforced by the Federal Trade Commission. Real estate professionals should be very careful not to mislead the public, either intentionally or unintentionally.

A Better Way

You can avoid these pitfalls by writing your own property descriptions, or, better yet, you can rely on f8's patent-pending Scribe property descriptions. Unlike ChatGPT, Scribe is based on the specific property details of your listing. We gather data for your listing from DataTree, the data and analytics company run by First American Title Company.

We supplement this public record data with features in the home that we can visually identify from our review of your photos during our Quality Assurance (QA) process. After we approve your photos for delivery, we generate your Scribe description based on the specific features of your listing. We post the description to your Property Website and email you the description so you can use it in your general marketing.

The result is a property descriptions that is more convenient for you than if you had to generate, fact check and edit the description in ChatGPT. More importantly, you can rest assured that your Scribe property description is not subject to hallucinations and unintentionally inaccurate information. You can order Scribe by itself, or if you order the f8 Premium Package, it is included for free.

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