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Winning More Listings with Twilight Photography


Twilight photography is a type of real estate photography that captures the exterior of a property during the "golden hour" immediately before and briefly after sunset. During this time, photographers capture captivating images of the home that provide potential buyers with valuable information about how the home appears after the sun goes down. Twilight photography is especially effective for properties that have extensive exterior lighting as part of the landscaping design.

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Twilight Photography Showcasing Landscaping Lighting

When putting your marketing plan together for your listings, you have to decide whether or not to go beyond the minimum MLS requirements of providing standard daytime photography. By incorporating additional services like twilight photography into your real estate marketing, you can gain additional listings for your business in the following ways:

Improved Online Presence

Twilight photography captures the exterior of the house, highlighting landscape lighting, pool lighting and lit fire pits. It also captures the glow of interior lights shining through windows. These high-quality images that can be posted to your website, social media, and other online platforms to increase your visibility in the market and help you attract more clients.

Enhanced Printed Materials

Twilight photography can help you create more memorable printed materials that can be used to promote your services. By using high-quality twilight images as the "hero shots" of your materials, you can create brochures, postcards, magazine ads that make a statement and that help you attract more clients.

Demonstrating Value

Twilight photography can help you demonstrate your value as a listing agent and enable you to maintain commission rates for your services. By going beyond the minimum, you are demonstrating to your future clients that you are worth what you are charging.

Referrals from Sellers

By providing additional services like twilight photography, you increase the likelihood of a successful sale. This in turn improves your chances of getting referrals from your satisfied sellers who can point to the many extra things you did while marketing their home.

Increased Credibility

Twilight photography can help you establish your credibility as a professional listing agent. By including valued-added services in your marketing, you are showing the market that you are an expert in your field which can help you attract more clients.

Successful listing agents know that the investments they make in the marketing of their listings will pay dividends in terms of selling their listings faster and attracting future seller clients. Twilight photography is a cost-effective way to differentiate yourself and is well worth the investment.

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