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The Listing Agent's Media Toolbox


When you have a task to perform and you have the right tools for the job, everything goes more smoothly. The same can be said when you are preparing your listing for the marketplace. For example, if you are listing a tri-level home with a complicated layout, photos alone might not be your best option. In this case, a floorplan would be a good tool to help illustrate the configuration of the home for prospective buyers. With this concept in mind, it's always a good idea to review the specific requirements of your listing and then choose the right tool from your media toolbox so your marketing goes smoothly:

Signature Photography

What it is: Gorgeous photos of the entire home, the yards and any included HOA amenities like a pool, gym or clubhouse.

What it's for: Photos are still the predominant way of telling the story of the home, and they are required to put your listing on the MLS. Though we may be biased, numerous studies have shown that listings with professional photography are more likely to earn top dollar.

Aerial Photography

What it is: Photos of the home taken using a drone flown at multiple heights and angles.

What it's for: Provides a unique vantage point for consumers and showcases both the home's amenities (e.g., pools, decks, outdoor kitchens) and its surroundings (e.g., near a lake, ocean or mountains).

Twilight Photography

What it is: Photos taken during the "golden hour" before and just after sunset.

What it's for: Highlights the ambience one can expect in the evening, a time when most consumers don't visit the property. Especially effective for homes with decorative lighting, fire pits, attractively-lit pools, city views, etc.


What it is: Immersive 3D Tour in a simulated three dimensional environment that also includes a 3D model of the home, several connected 360 degree exterior views and a Floorplan illustrating the layout of the home.

What it's for: Enables the viewer to navigate through the home at their own pace and convenience so they can tour the home online and focus on the areas of the home that are of most interest to them.


What it is: A diagram of the home that shows the layout of the home, the dimensions of the rooms in the home, and the fixtures found in the home (e.g., appliances, sinks, bathtubs, toilets etc.).

What it's for: Provides critical information for consumers that helps them visualize the layout and circulation patterns found in the home.

Social Media Package

What it is: A Vertical Video and 10 Vertical Photos specifically designed for social media sites like Instagram. The service also includes a boost ad targeting people in a radius around your listing.

What it's for: Use the vertical video and photos to showcase your listing to your followers on social media. The boost ad expands your audience beyond your sphere of influence so you can reach new potential clients.

Flyover Video

What it is: A video that highlights the home and its surroundings by combining clips taken from the air using a drone. This service is rounded out with 5 Aerial Photos that can be displayed in a photo gallery.

What it's for: Gives consumers a unique perspective of the home and its surroundings while adding the dramatic touch that can only be provided by video.

Showcase Video

What it is: A walkthrough video that highlights the key areas of the home including the exteriors, family room, living room, kitchen, dining, primary bedroom and primary bathroom.

What it's for: The Showcase Video is designed to grab the attention of potential buyers by delivering a dynamic video experience that leaves consumers wanting to learn more about the property.

Premier Video

What it is: A combination of the Flyover and Showcase Videos, the Premier Video also includes 5 Aerial Photos.

What it's for: When you need the ultimate video experience, the Premier Video delivers that extra mile difference for a property that really deserves the best, or when you are simply working on separating yourself from the competition.

Virtual Tour Video

What it is: An animated slideshow of photos set to music that automatically plays on your Property Website.

What it's for: An affordable way to have a video for your listing that you can upload to YouTube and post on social media. It can also be used as a Virtual Tour when you enter your listing on the MLS.

Virtual Staging

What it is: Photos are edited to add digital furnishings and accessories to a vacant home.

What it's for: Gives consumers a better sense of how the home would look when furnished. Moreover, a furnished room actually looks bigger than an empty room. Generates tremendous savings when compared to traditional staging.

Virtual Twilight

What it is: Daytime photos that are digitally enhanced with Twilight effects to simulate traditional twilight photography.

What it's for: Gives consumers a sense for what the home would look like in the evening hours. Generates tremendous savings when compared to traditional Twilight Photography.


What it is: The patent-pending automated property description service created by f8. Scribe uses the property details associated with a listing to generate a property description at the click of a button. What it's for: Scribe is designed to save busy agents precious time by removing a tedious task from your marketing preparation checklist. Use your Scribe description on the MLS and wherever you post your listing.

Dot Com Address

What it is: A custom URL or Dot Com Address registered for your listing at GoDaddy.

What it's for: To create a level of distinction for your listing by giving your property website a vanity Dot Com Address. Especially important if you want to create a sign rider with the Dot Com Address for your listings. Doubles as a great closing gift for your seller clients.

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