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  • Steve Elich

The Flyover Video Trifecta: Sell the Home, the Surroundings and Yourself!


Video is unquestionably a compelling option for communicating to your target audience. While traditional and streaming TV continue to be the leader in video production value, online video is quickly catching up on quality, and it boasts some impressive viewer statistics. For example, people watch 1 billion hours of YouTube videos on a daily basis (Source: YouTube Press).

The latest data shows that the majority of viewers who watch digital video are younger adults. In fact, more than nine out of ten consumers between the ages of 12 and 44 consider themselves to be digital viewers according to Oberlo. Given that younger cohorts like Millennials are dominant in the housing market as they enter their peak home buying years, it just makes good business sense to ensure that you have content that appears where this important demographic is looking. And unlike the closed systems of traditional and streaming TV, YouTube enables anyone to post videos to reach their desired audience.

Aerial videos that use a drone to capture clips from the air provide content that is especially compelling and dynamic. In real estate, aerial videos help you achieve several marketing objectives at once. At f8, we call it the Flyover Video Trifecta! A trifecta is simply a series of three wins.

The first win is that the Flyover Video sells the home you are listing. The aerial clips show the home from a unique perspective that cannot be replicated with photos or video on the ground.

The second win is that the Flyover Video sells the area that surrounds the home. This gives the viewer important information about the neighborhood that they would be buying into. And if the home is in an area that is a key selling point, the Flyover Video provides both inspirational and aspirational context for that local amenity or landmark.

Finally, the third win is that the Flyover Video sells you, the real estate professional who provides this type of differentiated content. With listings still hard to come by, the Flyover Video demonstrates to potential sellers that you go above and beyond for your listings.

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