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  • Mike Brown

Recommended Reading: What is Matterport?

November 2021

Matterport service by f8 provides you with an immersive 3D Tour that enables consumers to explore your listing and focus on areas of interest in a simulated three dimensional (3D) environment. A special camera is used to scan the home so that it can be rendered into this 3D Tour. Viewers love Matterport because they can take a virtual walkthrough that gives them a better sense of the home.

We supplement this 3D Tour of the interior of the home with Exterior 360 Views of the property. The Exterior 360 Views allow the consumer to rotate the image in all directions to view the exteriors of the home in an interactive way. The Exterior 360 Views are seamlessly connected with the interior Matterport 3D Tour to provide a complete experience for your interested buyers.

The service also includes a 3D model of the home called a "dollhouse" view that helps consumers visualize the home in a unique way (see below). As an added benefit, f8 Matterport Service includes a Floorplan Diagram that can be viewed in a photo gallery or printed on a brochure.

Matterport has remained popular over the years because the 3D Tour provides consumers with an innovative way to interact with the home that increases the amount of time they spend with your listing. Increased time with your listing means that potential buyers will be more likely to contact you with questions about the home. More importantly, having a 3D Tour for your listing demonstrates to potential sellers that you go the extra mile when marketing your listings.


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