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  • Mike Brown

Recommended Reading: Completing the Picture with Twilight Photography

December 2021

Twilight Photography has been a trusted tool in the listing agent's marketing toolbox because it provides consumers with valuable information on the ambience they can expect in the evening hours.

When you consider that most listings only have photos that were taken during the day, and the fact that open houses and most showings occur during the day, most potential buyers only see the home under daytime conditions. Twilight Photography is designed to complete the picture for the consumer by providing photos of the home that showcase your listing at the proverbial "golden hour."

Homes with decorative lighting in the front and rear yards are prime candidates for Twilight Photography. Homes with fire pits or outdoor fireplaces are best captured in the evening. Attractively-lit pools are another unique feature that piques the interest of consumers and pulls them in.

If your listing has the benefit of City Lights views, Twilight Photography can convey the magic of those views in ways that words just can't match. If your client has decorated the home with holiday lights, you might consider Twilight Photography to create a priceless keepsake for your client that also demonstrates to potential buyers how attractive the home is during the holidays.

By using Twilight Photography to highlight a home's often unseen features, you also convey to potential sellers that you will go above and beyond for their listing.


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