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Listing Marketing - Your Other Audience


When you choose professional photography to market your listing, the primary audience for the photos of the home is potential buyers. However, there is another audience that is often overlooked: potential sellers. When sellers view the photos of listings near them, they are looking at them to see what comparable homes around them look like. However, they are also looking at who might be the right agent to sell their own home at some point in the future.

Showing Professional Photography to Sellers During a Listing Presentation
Showing Professional Photography to Sellers During a Listing Presentation

With this in mind, you should always consider both of your audiences when deciding how to promote your listing. Your local MLS will syndicate your listing to all the major real estate portals. This will enable your listing to reach the largest audience of potential buyers. With the buyer side largely covered, here are some tips for reaching your other audience - potential sellers:

Leverage Professional Photography

Professional real estate photography is an essential tool for real estate agents to attract potential buyers, but it is also a powerful tool for impressing potential sellers. By showcasing high-quality images of your listings, you can demonstrate your expertise and professionalism. According to a study by the Wall Street Journal, listings with professional photos got 61% more views than those without them. By using real estate photography, you can help improve the perception of your services and attract more potential sellers.

Highlight Your Proof of Production

When it comes to impressing potential sellers, it's important to highlight your success as a real estate agent. This can include your proof of production as evidenced by professional photos of listings you have sold. You can also showcase your experience in the industry and your knowledge of the local market. By demonstrating your proven track record, you can demonstrate your ability to sell homes quickly and for the best possible price. This can help build trust with potential sellers and increase the chances of winning more listings.

Use Geo-Marketing on Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for real estate agents to connect with potential sellers because you can use the geo-targeting tools available in those platforms to reach sellers who live near your listing. By using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok, you can showcase your listings and highlight your success as a real estate agent. You can also use social media to share valuable information about the local real estate market, including trends, news and insights.

Consider Direct Mail

If you are farming the area around your listing, direct mail is an effective way to reach potential sellers in your coverage area. "Just Listed" postcards featuring professional photography are a great way to break through the digital clutter in people's lives, and they can make a strong impression on potential sellers. Instead of mailing the postcards, you could door knock around your listing and invite the neighbors to your open house.

At f8, we believe that when you market your listings, you are marketing yourself. When you consider that your marketing always has two audiences, the photos and other media you create for your listing is well worth the investment.

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