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  • Mike Brown

f8 Recommended Reading - September 2021

Updated: Oct 26, 2021


The marketing activities that you perform for your listing are designed to generate the highest possible awareness of your listing among potential buyers. In other words, to maximize the number of people in your listing sales funnel. Awareness leads to Interest, then Motivation and finally Action. But how do you move people in your funnel from awareness to interest and motivation?

Photos, videos and interactive 3D tours are a great way to build interest by providing the visual story for the home. An often overlooked way to increase interest is to have a complete and compelling property description that clearly conveys the benefits of the home. Your property description should highlight the best selling features of the home to differentiate the home in the buyer's mind.

We have identified the key elements of a property description that builds interest and motivates readers to action. The first thing to include is a headline that grabs the reader's attention. This is followed by an overview of the property that gives the reader the information they want to know most: Beds, baths, square footage, lot size, the year built, schools, etc.

This is followed by a discussion of the features and benefits of the home's interior and exterior features that reinforce what the buyer is seeing in your photos and other visuals. If you are holding an open house, provide the dates and times so the reader will know how to take action to see the home. Finally, the description closes with a call to action that is designed to spur the reader to contact you with questions, schedule an appointment for a showing, request disclosures, etc.

We know that writing a property description can be a tedious and time-consuming task for many busy agents. That is why we developed Scribe™, f8's patent-pending automated property description writing service. By simply checking Property Info fields that apply to the home, Scribe will create a property description at the click of a button based on those property characteristics.

When you order Scribe, our Production Team will create the first draft for you. Use the description provided by Scribe as is, or make edits as you see fit. With Scribe, you can save precious time that you can devote to building your business.


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