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  • Mike Brown

f8 Focus Newsletter - July 2021


Save 20% when you order f8 Aerial Photography service in July! Normally $200, you’ll save $40 on this compelling service. Aerial photography provides your listing with the dramatic visuals that differentiate it from the competition. You will receive 15-20 aerial photos as part of this service. More information and samples can be found at Must be ordered in July with a specific listing and purchase is not transferable. Order now!

"Great job on all the photos! Thank you also for doing the photography on time and delivering photos quickly so we can start marketing."

-Alma G.

FOCUS ON FEATURES One Click Social Media Posts

Getting the word out about your listing has never been easier with f8's integrated social media posting tools. Your post will look great and save you valuable time. Go to Social + Links in the listing Manage page and create your post with one click. Yep, it's that easy! Log in now!


Required Reading - July 2021

Sometimes referred to as “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles”, drones are used in a variety of governmental, commercial and research applications. Drones look like mini-helicopters and they are able to go places humans can't easily access. This makes them ideal for things like monitoring the status of crops on farms, flying over volcanic sites, and soon they will even deliver Amazon packages straight to your backyard.

Drones burst onto the scene several years ago and quickly found a home in the real estate industry. Drones come equipped with high-quality cameras that can shoot both still photos and video clips. Dramatic imagery from a drone gives viewers an unexpected perspective that is both unique and compelling.

Homes with impressive outdoor amenities like a pool, bbq area, fire pit, etc. are a natural fit for aerial photography. Aerial photos are also effective when the home is located in an area that is a primary selling feature. Aerial photography highlights nearby mountains, lakes, oceans, downtowns and other local landmarks that are of interest to consumers. If the home is situated in a condo or townhouse complex, aerial photos can show where common area amenities like pools, clubhouses, playgrounds and greenbelts are situated on the property.

As with any real estate media, the reason to consider aerial photography is to determine if it helps you achieve your two part listing objective: The first is to sell the home you're listing, the second is to secure your next listing. Aerial photography is a relatively inexpensive way to command the longer attention of buyers, while also separating you from the competition at your next listing presentation.

Not everyone can provide aerial photography. It requires specialized equipment, insurance, FAA registration, licensing, training and a lot of experience. When you purchase aerial photography you're paying for this specialized expertise. The good news is that aerial photography can be completed quickly (usually in 15-20 minutes) for homes of virtually any size, and the results are almost always spectacular.


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