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f8 Focus Newsletter - February 2022

Promotions, Focus on Features, Testimonials and Recommended Reading from f8 Real Estate Media


Save 10% When Your Order f8 Matterport Service in February!

Matterport Service provides you with a 3D Tour of the home that consumers can use to tour the home remotely at their own pace and convenience. Normally $275, you’ll save $27.50 on our standard size tour! Matterport Service also includes a 3D Model of the home that showcases the home in a simulated three dimensional “Dollhouse” view of the home. We also include a Floorplan Diagram that illustrates the layout of the home. No restrictions on ordering, pricing is valid with or without other services. Must be ordered in February, but can be used anytime. Must be ordered with a specific listing and service is not transferable. Save an additional 5% when you order online! Order Now!

"You guys are the best. A+ customer service."

-Ryan A.


When your media is approved, the system sends you an email notifying you that your media is ready. In the email, we also include links to your media so you don't have to login to the system to view and share your media. You can even download your photos directly from the email! It's one more way we try to save you time and simplify your experience when using f8's services.

RECOMMENDED READING: Listings with Matterport 3D Tours Sell Faster and for a Higher Price

February 2022

When you consider that homes with Matterport 3D Tours allow consumers to spend more time exploring your listing online, it stands to reason that listings with Matterport should attract more attention from buyers. Now, preliminary results from two separate academic studies indicate that listings with a Matterport 3D Tour sell faster and for a higher price than homes without a Matterport Tour.

The first academic study performed a statistical analysis of MLS transactional data from four markets across the United States in the South, Southwest, Northwest and Midwest. The analysis showed that the average listing with a 3D tour sold for up to 9% higher and closed up to 31% faster.

A second academic study showed that listings with a Matterport 3D Tour were sold 20% faster and on average sold for a 4.8% higher sales price. Armed with this information, you can now tell your clients that when you utilize Matterport for their listing, it will likely lead to a higher sales price and a quicker sale. If you include Matterport in your marketing program, you might consider incorporating the data from the above studies into your listing presentation.

The good news is that Matterport has never been more affordable given how much value it adds to your listing. We recently reduced the base price of our Matterport service by $25 while continuing to provide you with a 3D Tour, 3D Model ("Dollhouse" view) and Floorplan Diagram. f8 also recently added Exterior 360 Views at no extra cost. These exterior views are both interactive and connected to the interior tour to give consumers a whole house experience.

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