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f8 Focus Newsletter - August 2022

Promotions, Focus on Features, Testimonials and Recommended Reading from f8 Real Estate Media


Save 10% When You Order Using f8 Mobile in August!

Save 10% on your entire order during the Mobile Order Event! Just use f8 Mobile to place your order and the discount will be applied automatically. We created f8 Mobile so you can take f8 with you wherever you go. f8 Mobile is available for download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. More information and an introductory video can be found at Download the app today! The Mobile Order Discount is only available through the app. No restrictions on ordering, pricing is valid on all services. Must be ordered in August, but can be used anytime. Must be ordered with a specific listing and service is not transferable.

"I'm so impressed with your service, I'll relay your contact info to my besties and colleagues and hopefully will get ya'll some great biz! thanks so much!"

-Lisa D.

FOCUS ON FEATURES Text Notifications

With you when you're on the move, f8 provides key notifications via text so you don't have to dig through emails to stay current. You can even review your notification history in the f8 Mobile App. Just login to your profile and opt in for text messaging to start receiving notifications by text today!

The Many Hats You Wear Take You Everywhere


We know that as an agent, you wear many hats. Consultant, Marketer, Negotiator, Closer, not to mention the other hats that many of you wear Parent, Coach, Volunteer and so many more! We know that the many hats you wear take you in all different directions.

That’s why we created f8 Mobile, so you can take f8 with you when you’re on the go. What can you do with f8 Mobile? In the f8 Mobile app you can: Order on the go with our mobile-friendly ordering process. View photos and other media right on your phone. Share your content using the social media, text and email applications already on your phone. View all notifications from f8 in one convenient inbox.

Now that you know WHAT you can do with f8 Mobile, WHERE can you use f8 Mobile?

While waiting in line for your morning latte…

While barbecuing for folks in your sphere of influence…

While sitting in the stands with other parents watching your kids play sports…

While tailgating at the big game with friends and family…

While on vacation in a tropical destination…

While driving to your next appointment…

Well, maybe not that last one, but you get the idea. You can take f8 Mobile with you wherever you go!

Now that you know WHAT you can do with f8 Mobile and WHERE you can use it, let’s talk about WHY you should use it. This month during our Mobile Order Event, you can save 10% on your entire order when you order using the mobile app. It's never been easier to order professional media services for your listing. Download f8 Mobile today!

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