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f8 Focus Newsletter - April 2022

Promotions, Focus on Features, Testimonials and Recommended Reading from f8 Real Estate Media


Save 15% When You Order f8 Aerial Photography in April!

Normally $200, you’ll save $30 on this service. Aerial photography provides your listing with the dramatic visuals that differentiate it from the competition. More information and samples can be found at This service can be ordered with or without other services. Must be ordered with a specific listing and service is not transferable. Save an additional 5% when you order online or through the f8 Mobile app which is available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, download today!

"Wow! The photos look awesome guys! Thank you so much."

-Nicholas C.

FOCUS ON FEATURES Property Info by DataTree

When you place an order with f8, we retrieve property information for your listing from DataTree at no charge to you. We provide you with information gathered from a variety of public sources including property details and features, plus neighborhood information and the schools associated with the home. This info can be displayed on your Property Website and it can also be used to create a property description using our Scribe™ service.

When Should I Consider Aerial Photography?


With inventory at record lows and agent rosters at historic highs, it has never been more important to maximize the leverage you get from your listings. In other words, what actions can you take on your current listing to improve your odds of signing your next listing?

One of the ways you can differentiate yourself from the competition is by using advanced services to promote your listings. Aerial photography is a great way to promote a listing under the right circumstances. So let's take a look at when you might consider aerial photography.

The most obvious application for aerial photography is when you are marketing vacant land. Aerial photography is great for showing the size, topography and surroundings that contribute to the value of the land.

For listings with finished homes, aerial photography shows the layout of the home and its on-site amenities. We often think of aerial photography in the context of luxury estates with landscaped grounds, a pool and maybe a tennis court, but today many homes have well-designed outdoor spaces that shine even brighter when viewed from the air. For homes located in HOA communities, aerial photography can demonstrate the amenities that are included with the home, and the proximity of those amenities to your listing.

Viewing the home using images taken by satellites on sites like Google Earth can be helpful, but they are no substitute for the high definition photos taken using a drone. The dramatic imagery provided by aerial photography gives viewers an unexpected perspective that is both unique and compelling when compared to standard photography taken from the ground (see images below for two perspectives of the same home). Aerial photography is especially appropriate when the home is located in an area that is a primary selling feature.

Aerial photography highlights nearby mountains, lakes, oceans, downtowns and other local landmarks that make buyers want to learn more. Finally, aerial photography is available for a fixed price no matter how big the home or piece of land is, making it one of the most affordable options in your promotional toolbox.

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