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  • Steve Elich

Behind the Scenes Making a 3D Tour


This month, we are taking you behind the scenes to see how a 3D Tour is created. Just click on the video thumbnail below to see how we make 3D Magic!

Now that you know how a 3D Tour is created, you need to know why you need one for your listing. A recent survey conducted by Matterport included the following eye-popping statistics:

  • Nearly 90% of prospective buyers reported that an immersive 3D Tour that allows them to take digital measurements of rooms, walls, doors, windows, etc. would make them more interested in a listing!

  • 55% of potential buyers said they would buy a property sight-unseen if there was a 3D Tour available online!

  • An extraordinary 99.4% of sellers reported that offering an immersive 3D Tour would improve the competitive edge of their property listing!

  • 89% of sellers believe their listings would perform better (i.e., sell faster) if it featured an immersive 3D Tour!

Bottom line? You need a 3D Tour for your listing! Sellers want it. Buyers are expecting it. And you can save 10% on Matterport this month on top of the 5% you can save when you order online.

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