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Virtual Twilight is an inexpensive and convenient way to demonstrate to consumers what a home would look like during evening hours. We take your daytime photo and apply digital Twilight enhancement:

A before and after image demonstrating Virtual Twilight in which f8 takes a standard photo and digitally enhances it with Twilight effects



To place your order:

  • Login to the f8 system.

  • Once logged in, click the Manage button for the listing. 

  • In the Manage page, click the Order Additional Services button in the upper right. 

  • Select the current date for the appointment dates.

  • Select Virtual Twilight in the Advanced panel and select the number of photos (quantity) you would like enhanced.

  • Select today’s date as the preferred and alternate appointment dates, and select any option for the Access and Garage questions. Click the Next button.

  • Review the Order Summary and click the Next button.

  • Review the Terms of Service and click the Agree button.

  • Enter payment information and click the Make Payment button.

  • You will know you are done when you see the Success message.

Select your image(s):

  • Once you have placed your order, reply to the order notification we sent when you placed your order and attach the images (web version) you would like enhanced.

  • To select the image(s):

    • Click the Manage button for the listing and locate the Media and Marketing section.

    • Click the Images tab.

    • Identify the image(s) to be edited and provide us with the system file name(s).

    • The system file name is formatted like this: f8-52351-66824-10.JPG.

    • f8 Tip: You can copy and paste the file name from the caption underneath the photo into your reply to this email.

  • If received by 5:00pm Pacific Time, you will receive your Virtual Twilight images the following day by 12pm Pacific Time.  

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