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  • Steve Elich

Matterport Can Deliver Up To 9% Higher Sales Price for Your Listing


Today, we are focusing on research that shows how a Matterport 3D Tour can lead to a higher sales price and reduce your time on the market. These studies affirm the tangible advantages of incorporating Matterport 3D Tours into your marketing arsenal. Not only do they facilitate quicker sales and higher sale prices, but they also position you as a forward-thinking real estate professional dedicated to your clients' success.

Multiple studies have demonstrated that homes featuring Matterport 3D Tours not only sell faster but also command higher prices compared to those lacking this innovative tool. This phenomenon is attributed to the tour's ability to offer potential buyers an extensive understanding of the property even before they visit it in person.

It also enables interested buyers to continue to explore the home online even after they tour the property. They can gauge the layout, access room dimensions and measurements, and even see the views visible through the windows. Consequently, this enhances the home buying process, and it gives buyers the opportunity to develop a deeper bond with your listing.

In a market characterized by limited inventory, it is more important than ever to provide an enhanced marketing program so that potential sellers see that you go beyond the expected for your listings. Including a Matterport 3D Tour demonstrates your professionalism and makes your marketing program more memorable and enticing. This heightened appeal can generate increased interest, ultimately culminating in a swifter sale at a premium price that also helps you win more listings.

Let's review a summary of the findings of two rigorous studies that underscore the advantages of Matterport 3D Tours:

First Study

Key Findings:

  • On average, listings featuring 3D tours closed at 4-9% higher sale prices, depending on the market.

  • These listings also closed up to 31% faster depending on the market.

  • Importantly, these results remained consistent over time in markets with larger available data.

Study Details:

  • Total Listings: The study encompassed a comprehensive dataset of 143,575 listings, out of which 3,935 featured 3D tours, with over 90% of them being Matterport 3D tours.

  • Data Source: The data was sourced from MLS databases via extracts.

Second Study

Key Findings:

  • Listings with a Matterport 3D tour sold 20% faster, resulting in fewer days on the market.

  • Additionally, these listings commanded a 4.8% higher sale price compared to those without Matterport 3D Tours.

Study Details:

  • Total Listings: The study focused on a dataset of 700 listings, evenly divided into two groups: 350 with Matterport 3D Tours and 350 without.

  • Data Source: MLS data was obtained via third-party online portals.

As these studies suggest, including a Matterport 3D Tour is a proven way to enhance the promotion of your listing while differentiating you from other agents who are not using Matterport in their marketing.

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