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  • Mike Brown

f8 Focus Newsletter - May 2021


In the Month of May, order the f8 Premier Package and we will include one Virtual Twilight image for free (a $25 value). Virtual Twilight service is an inexpensive and convenient way to demonstrate to consumers what a home would look like during evening hours. Additional Virtual Twilights can be purchased for $25 per image. See examples of this service at The Virtual Twilight image is delivered next day after you make your selection of the photo to enhance. Must be ordered in May with a specific listing and purchase is not transferable.


Required Reading - May 2021

The definition of "virtual" is something that is, "almost or nearly as described, but not according to the strictest definition." This definition holds true for Virtual Twilights as they are nearly the same as photos that are produced by traditional Twilight Photography, but they are much more economical and efficient to produce.

The primary benefit of Virtual Twilights is that they don't require an evening appointment, and you can select any exterior image from your daytime photo shoot. Often, you only need one accent image that shows the consumer what the ambience of the home is like during the evening hours. Virtual Twilights offer an affordable way to communicate this information in a brochure or social media post.

Of course, Virtual Twilights are not a substitute for traditional Twilight Photography if you have a listing that has an amazing backyard with intricate lighting, a fire pit and lighted pool. Traditional Twilight Photography is better able to convey the value of the features in these scenarios.

"The pictures turned out awesome. I'll be sure to leave a yelp review."

-Kristina S.

FOCUS ON FEATURES Assistant Notifications

Do you ever need to send your photos to your client or an assistant? You can send them a link that enables them to download the photos without having to login. Just go to Social + Links in your listing page and copy the Photos Download Link into an email. The link is also coming soon to your Media Ready Notifications, so you can download your photos without having to login.


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