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f8 Focus Newsletter - March 2022

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Promotions, Focus on Features, Testimonials and Recommended Reading from f8 Real Estate Media


Save 10% When You Order Using f8 Mobile in March!

To celebrate the launch of f8 Mobile, clients can save 10% on their entire order when they order using our new mobile app! To save 10% on your order, services must be ordered in March but can be used anytime. Must be ordered with a specific listing and service is not transferable. f8 Mobile is available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, download today!


"Your photographer was GREAT. Excellent job and I will def use your company for other listings."

-Rosemarie S.


Real estate agents are always on the move, so we built a mobile app that lets you take f8 with you wherever you go! In the mobile app, you can register, place orders, view content and review notifications sent by f8. Best of all, you can send content links to your clients and contacts using the tools already on your phone: Text, email, social media, etc. Download f8 Mobile today!

RECOMMENDED READING: Your Phone is Your Mobile Command Center

March 2022

Real estate agents wear so many hats, it would be impossible to juggle everything from an office. And because real estate is a contact sport, agents are expected to be present for showings, listing presentations, closings, networking, inspections and dozens of other tasks and responsibilities.

The evolution of the office toward a more virtual or hybrid model is accelerating the trend in which agents are becoming truly mobile-centric. Brokerages are scrambling to address this new paradigm by moving more functions to the cloud and delivering more solutions to your mobile device.

Going forward, the tools you use need to move with you as you go about your day. Increasingly, your phone has become your mobile command center. This applies not only to your work, but also to the rest of your life. Today, you are more likely than ever to respond to a lead on your phone and then open a different app to order ahead, whether it's picking up food for the family or grabbing some household items at Target.

The vendors who help you run your business need to be present in your mobile command center. You expect your CRM provider to have a mobile solution, but you might not expect your media provider to have one.

At f8, we recognized the importance of being with you when you're on the move, so we built f8 Mobile. In f8 Mobile, you can order on the go with our mobile-friendly ordering process. You can also view photos and other media right on your phone, and then share your content using the social media, text and email applications already on your phone. Staying informed is easy with all notifications from f8 in one convenient inbox for appointment confirmations, reminders, etc.

We invite you to download f8 Mobile today to add f8 to your mobile command center.

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