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Included Features

At f8, we are constantly identifying ways to provide you with innovative and value-added features that will improve your experience and enhance your marketing efforts. The following features are included at no extra charge when you place an order with f8. 

An image showing the property website template that is included for free with every order
Included Feature - Blue Skies Everyday.j

Property Website

Every order comes with a Property Website that is configured automatically and displays all of your content in one place. The Property Website includes individual display panels for all of your media, a map that shows the local amenities around your listing, plus a contact form that consumers can use to connect with you.  

Blue Skies Everyday

Every photo shoot automatically includes our Blue Skies Everyday editing process. With Blue Skies Everyday, we digitally replace overcast or raining skies with clear blue skies. This means that you never have to worry about weather conditions for your shoot. Schedule with confidence knowing that your photos will always have blue skies. 

An image of a customer holding a smart phone and using the f8 Mobile app
Included Feature - Text

f8 Mobile App

Real estate agents are always on the move, so we built a mobile app that lets you take f8 with you wherever you go! In the mobile app, you can register, place orders, view content and review notifications sent by f8. Best of all, you can send content links to your clients and contacts using the tools already on your phone: Text, email, social media, etc.  

Text Notifications

With you when you're on the move, f8 provides key notifications via text so you don't have to dig through emails to stay current. You can even review your notification history in the f8 Mobile App. Just login to your profile and opt in for text messaging to start receiving notifications by text today!

An image showing people using mobile phones to communicate using social media
A DataTree logo indicating that we include property information from public sources using this data service

Social Made Simple

Getting the word out about your listing has never been easier with f8's integrated social media posting tools. Your post will look great and save you valuable time. If you're already logged into social media, just login to the f8 system and create your post with one click. Yep, it's that easy!  

Property Info by DataTree

When you place an order with f8, we retrieve property information for your listing from DataTree at no charge. We provide you with information gathered from a variety of public sources including property details and features, plus neighborhood information and the schools associated with the home. This info can be displayed on your Property Website and it can also be used to create a property description using our Scribe™ service.

An image displaying an example of a brochure that is automatically created in the f8 system

Do-it-Yourself Brochures

f8 offers Do-it-Yourself Brochures that you can print at your home or office. The system assembles the brochure for you, and we make it easy to edit the photos that are displayed in the brochure. When you're ready, click the Generate button and the system generates a print-ready PDF for you that you can use to print or send to a commercial printer. 

An image showing how customers can add appointment setting calendar services to their profile to set appointments on their property websites
Included Feature - Photo Download Link.j

Make an Appointment Button

f8 offers you the ability to add an appointment setting calendar to your profile so that consumers can make an appointment with you directly without all the back and forth. Just paste a link from your favorite appointment-setting service like Calendly into your profile and the Make an Appointment button will appear on your Property Website automatically. 

Photo Download Link

Do you ever need to send your photos to your client or an assistant? You can send a link that enables them to download the photos without having to login to the system. Just send the Photo Download Link to your contacts via email and they'll be able to download your photos directly from the email. 

An image of a professional assistant who can be included in the customer's profile

Add an Assistant

You can add an assistant's contact information to your profile and they will receive all of the f8 system notifications that you receive. This will keep your team alerted to updates regarding your orders so you can continue with your day uninterrupted. If we see an assistant in your profile, we will reach out to them first for service questions. 

Included Feature - Self Service Uploads.

Self Service Uploads

f8 offers Self Service Uploads to its platform so you can upload your own photos for things like shots of the local community, "before" remodeling photos, photos of the flowers in bloom taken by the seller, etc. Included with any paid order, you'll find the Self Service Upload button in the Images tab of your listing manage page. 

An image of a young couple, arm in arm, admiring their new home representing the gratitude f8 feels when we help our customers help their clients achieve their real estate goals


When you place an order with f8, you can rest assured that the entire team appreciates your business and will work diligently to take care of you and your listing from start to finish. We measure our success in repeat business and referrals, so customer service is our singular focus. Thank you for your business!

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